"Fail Fast": What Can CPG Innovations Learn from Silicon Valley

After listening to a podcast on failing "Ferrari fast" in Silicon Valley, I wrote a marketing blog post which I published on LinkedIn. This piece compares packaged goods (i.e. grocery store) innovation to tech startups' approach to prototyping... or as Google engineer Savoia explains in his podcast, 'pretotyping'.


Taking the Plunge: My 25th Year in Synopsis

This is an article I wrote for the publication Noteworthy about my experience quitting my corporate job in Toronto, travelling the world, and taking risks to try and figure out what my true life's purpose could be.


“Don’t Buy Our Products”: Why Patagonia’s Founder Intentionally Slowed Growth to Preserve the Brand

I published this article in MARKETR after being inspired by the refreshing take on business by Patagonia's founder Yvon Chouinard. I have learnt through my career in business that while it is easy to be inspired, it is a lot more difficult to take away actionable insights from this inspiration, and so this article focuses on useful takeaways for marketers to action in their jobs.